All You Need to Know About How To Self Care When You Are A Work From Home Mom So You Can Stay Productive, Slay Your To Do List, and Feel Amazing Too!

This post is all about “how to” self care as a mom. This post will provide realistic ideas and sustainable self care habits for busy moms. This post will focus on why you are feeling stressed out as a mom, stress relief for busy moms, how to do self care as a mom, how to practice self care as a mom, self care ideas for busy moms, and learn routines, habits, and ideas for self care as busy moms to support your self care journey.

Table of contents:

Busy Mom Routine: Morning Routine 5a.m.

Your Why For Self Care

How to Do Self Care as a Mom

Put Yourself on the Schedule

Make it Consistent

Setting Up an Environment for Care

Stress Relief for Busy Moms: Self Care Ideas

Busy Mom Routine: Morning Routine 5A.M.

You wake up every morning to begin your busy morning routine, 5am sharp! Your routine consists of getting the kids ready for school, feeding them, preparing their lunch, and getting them off to school on time without anyone having a meltdown over who ate the last waffle in the fridge. 

You follow the same routine while simultaneously managing all those personalities and getting yourself ready for the day. It’s pretty much the same routine and system because you have finally figured out what works for you and your household, for the most part.

However, in doing what could be considered the least exciting portion of your day to the outside fly on the wall looking in, you start to notice this feeling that keeps creeping up. This little nagging and a bit annoying feeling. The annoyance is light, nothing too severe. 

Then you start to notice a hint of mind wandering while your son is in the middle of talking about his latest favorite Pokemon. You realize, you weren’t even listening at all and you start feeling a little guilty that you weren’t listening to your child.

I mean, surely if you missed your son’s 99th intriguing conversation about Pokemon you would be labeled as the worst mom on earth. He may even have the worst day of school today because you didn’t hear him say Shelmet can spit 10 billion beams and destroy the earth tomorrow.

 Um, no… I think you’re probably still in the race for the best mom competition since you did hear the last 98 intriguing chats about it. I mean, after all, you absolutely love Pokemon and couldn’t live without it too, right? 

These are subtle signs that you need a little bit of “me time.” Don’t worry. You are definitely not alone. This was my story and I quickly learned that I had to start making time for myself. Here is what I did. 

Your Why For Self-Care 

Being a mom is a beautiful thing and you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. At the same time, you need time to focus on you and do some of the things you love, that make you happy, and bring a smile to your face. You need some self care! 

Many moms are stressed out because a mom’s job is ongoing and you still have many other responsibilities and hats that you wear. When you’re off, you are still mom. Therefore, you have to be intentional about creating time that is exclusively for you and understanding why you are practicing self care.

Your reason for self-care is very important. Is it physical self-care that you need? For example, will your body feel nourished if you go for a walk? If you went to bed at least 30 minutes earlier, would this self-care from extra rest be helpful?

In addition, if you were to meditate for 15 mins every morning before getting the kids up, would this be supportive to your mental health? Knowing your needs and using self-care to help fulfill them is essential!

These self-care examples can be adjusted and implemented regularly, even for a busy mom. Trust, I know because I do them myself.

How To Do Self-Care As a Mom

Being a mom is an incredible job! However, learning to balance your needs as a mom while also taking care of your little ones is absolutely necessary. Self-care doesn’t have to be a luxury activity that you do once a quarter.

Self-care can be a daily healthcare priority to ensure you’re rested, feeling rejuvenated, and recharged. Here are a few ways to make self-care an intentional commitment as a mom.

  1. Put it on your schedule (if possible, do it as the first part of your day). 
  2. Make sure it is consistent. 
  3. Create an environment that is inviting for self-care. 
  4. Do the self-care that brings you joy or makes you feel excited about life..

Put Yourself On “The” Schedule

As a  mom, you are often quite busy taking care of everyone. This can often leave you burnt out and running on fumes. Therefore, scheduling your self-care will help  make it easier for you to also have your needs and desires met.

One of the best ways to do this is by using a time log schedule to plan out your day. It can be extremely beneficial and helps you to always prioritize your needs in addition to everyone else.

Here are two ways to put yourself on the calendar

  1. Use the method of time blocking on your schedule. Block that time and make it unavailable and just for self-care. 
  2.  Schedule in small increments of time. For example, you can take a walk for 30 mins, and you can also take 10 minutes for meditation. This way, even if you don’t have the time to do everything at one time, you can break them up throughout your day.  

Make It Consistent

When it comes to self-care, consistency is key, just like many other things. The great thing is you can start small with self-care. The more you practice self-care, the more you start valuing your needs.

The confidence that a self-care routine builds is like nothing else. You can implement it in one area of your life, such as emotional care with stress relief, nutrition from healthy foods, etc.

Self-care should not be reserved to only happen when we’re on a vacation. It can be a daily choice to decide what is best to preserve our health. You deserve this care and love that you can give yourself through self-care. 

Setting Up An Environment For Care

Sometimes half the battle of creating a meaningful self-care routine is being in an environment where you feel welcome to do self-care. Here are three tips for creating a great environment.

  1. Think of what makes you feel comfortable and at peace. Is there a room that you feel most at home in? If yes, maybe this could be your room for self-care.
  2. After you choose a room, the first thing to do is clean the room and then add things that make you happy, such as plants, candles, pictures, affirmations, and anything else that makes you feel at home.
  3. Block that time off and slowly practice self-care.
  4. Make it a routine, such as a morning routine or a nighttime routine.
  5. If you are a stay at home mom and it is a challenge to get away for a moment,  include your children in your self-care. You and your children can participate in activities such as meditating or exercising. Do it with them if you cannot find the time to do it by yourself.  Practicing self-care together is a great way to teach your little one about self-care and bond at the same time.

Looking for Self Care Ideas When You Have a Busy Schedule? 

I know that it isn’t that you don’t want to give yourself “me time.” Most of the time, it’s simply that you feel that there is no way to have time for yourself with such a hectic schedule.

Not everyone wants to take a relaxing bath for self care. We all have different interests and personalities. One thing that most moms do have in common… you would absolutely love to have a moment all for yourself.

You know what? You can!

Self-care is healthcare, but it is a choice that you make. Here are 12 realistic and sustainable self care ideas that you can begin today and practice over time to create a new habit that can produce transformational results for your life!

Realistic Self-Care Ideas For a Busy Schedule:

  1. 2-minute deep breathing or meditation ( 5 times a day)
  2. 20-minute journaling for self reflection
  3. 30-minute walking
  4. 30-minute low-impact workout
  5. An adult coloring book ( something you can do alongside your little one while they do a kids’ coloring book)
  6. Eating a nutrient-rich breakfast every day
  7. Reading a book for 15 minutes 
  8. Diffusing lavender oil ( or another oil of choice) for 30 mins
  9. Planning your schedule the night before
  10.  Setting a bedtime earlier than 10 pm at least 3 times a week
  11.  Put your favorite 10-20 minute activity on your calendar at least once per week
  12. Dance to your favorite music (check out Smom’s Lifestyle Music Channel for inspiration)
  13. Laugh today
  14. Drink your water
  15. Call or text a friend that you have been wanting to reconnect with
  16. Schedule your annual with your primary care doctor and obgyn.
  17. Listen to a podcast for self discovery (check out Smom’s Lifestyle podcast for inspiration)
  18. Turn off social media for a bit
  19. Plan your next outing self care outing (prepare babysitter and meals for kids in advance). You should aim to do this at least 1 time a month
  20. Clean/Organize your personal self care space in your house for your daily care

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is self care important
is self care important

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