Are You Being Real or Hiding Behind Your Lipstick and Foundation? Grow Your Mindset To Keep It 100

Are you a chameleon? You may think this may be a strange way to look at yourself, but stay with me for a moment. Let’s start with a little background knowledge about chameleons.

Chameleons are unique in the sense that they are famous for changing their color. It does so to camouflage with its environment. Sometimes chameleons change their color when they are angry or fearful.

Do you find yourself blending in with your environment because it feels comfortable? You stick to the script of the day to day routine, job, career, and relationships because this is what you know and it’s familiar.

You chat and sometimes even gossip with the same ladies, at the same time, and typically about the same or similar topic(s). You can do this one thing on autopilot frontwards and backwards.

You feel that you do not need to invest any real energy and effort into this thing because you already know what to expect. You are a creature of habit and you want it to stay that way.

It provides you with a sense of order and organization. Let’s face it…these are two essential pieces that make up your puzzle and it is a part of you.

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This may be true, but is your puzzle truly complete because there’s order and organization or are you living the daily experience of the 80/20 rule in reverse?

Typically when you hear about the 80/20 rule, it is associated with a cheating mate that felt as if they were missing something in their current relationship or marriage.

In reality, this mate may have had 80 percent of everything they could ever want or even need, maybe more than that. However, that 20 percent (in some cases less than that) is missing and in a given moment… that 20 appeared to look like a tropical vacation that is free of Covid in the middle of a global pandemic!

Pretty appealing, right? However, after the damage has been done and it’s a bit too late, this same mate realizes … this is only 20 percent of what I already had AND this is actually just a tropical backdrop set from a movie scene and there is nothing real about it, besides the real problems that now exist!

This same rule even applies, in reverse as the 20/80 rule. You find that you are sticking and blending with your environment, routines, and your day to day script because it provides you with order, organization, and consistency.

It gives you only 20 percent of what you need and desire, but because it feels safe… you think that it’s your 80 percent.

Challenge yourself to push past your comfort level and explore the endless possibilities and opportunities. If you do, you could find your 80 plus 20…to unlock your 100.

is self care important
is self care important

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