Is Self Care Important For Content Creators in 2023?

Consider your levels of daily stress, your productivity, and your current stress management. Is self care important for you?  Have you ever found yourself cranky, irritable, a bit short tempered, and making a mountain out of an ant hill of events or situations that you have encountered in your day to day life as a mom and content creator or blogger? I think we all have!

When it comes to the question is self care important; the short answer is yes!

When a pattern of cranky, irritable, and short tempered behavior is present, the question is no longer “Is self care important?” The question becomes why haven’t you considered self care to be important for YOU? Self care simply is an important part of healthy functioning in our world and having the ability to manage and juggle all the hats that you wear as mom and blogger in a healthy manner.

It may be time to reconsider how you consider your personal self care. You can change it before your body and your mind forces you to make a change. When you burnout because of this record you’ve been playing on repeat, you will be beyond past time for a bit of self care, and your children and blog business may suffer for that greatly if mommy doesn’t start including more “me time”.

Blogging is a long term commitment and in order to see it through to success, there are just certain things that will be necessary and need to be a part of your tool kit in order to withstand the journey. To see your blog to success and if you’re considering your blog a business, then you will be looking to see it through to monetization which in reality can be an even longer game.

As a blogger, you’re tasks become repetitive. With the consistent writing, blog planning and scheduling, figuring out your social media marketing and strategies for Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and beyond. You are bound to stretch yourself too thin without self care in place. You will start battling with worry, stress, and tension to keep up as a result of the repetitive tasks at hand AND the pressure to being the ideal, best mother. After all, you probably started this blog to build a better life for you, your kids, your family. In order to give your children the best care possible, you have to be and give the best version of you possible. One concept you will need to ALWAYS keep front and center in your mind as a mom entrepreneur and blogger; You are already a super mom because of the decision and commitment that you have made to your kids to to create the life you want for them. But, with that said, even though you’re a super mom, yes. You are NOT Supermom with a red cap capable of doing every thing, for every one, at all times and never making time for your “me time” and self care. It just doesn’t work that way.

Investing all of your attention on your family and your blog whilst disregarding your own needs will not get you to the destination you are looking for. Instead, it can lead you to becoming tired, sleep deprived, overworked, burned out and can lead to you eventually quitting your blog before you build it to it’s potential. Don’t force yourself to have to throw in the towel before you really even make it to the beach to enjoy the beautiful water and sunshine!

And I know you have a million things lined up in your head that need to be accomplished, but you need breaks too.

You need to care about you as well in order to keep on showing your love, affection, . And there is nothing to feel guilty about. As self-care is not being selfish. You selflessly shower your family with your love, you deserve a breathe too.

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free self care ebook with over 30 pages of resources, inspiration, simple and easy self care ideas, self care assessments, checklists, and more!
Free self care guide for 7 days of self care ideas, inspiration, and activities. Over 30 pages of resources, inspiration, simple and easy self care ideas, self care assessments, checklists, and more!

What is self-care ?

The first step toward self-care is to educate yourself. Many people think that self care is just about baths and relaxing to calming music; having an epic spa day. While that is a part of self care, it isn’t it in the totality of self care. Self care encompasses caring for your mind, body, spirit, finances, your physical space and environment and so much more.

It is not a hard thing to manage as many people think of it as quite time demanding. It can be viewed as an investment of even a tiny bit of spare time, energy, and resources in oneself that is necessary to maintain a healthy well-being. It involves taking conscious steps to nurture your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health through activities such as mindful eating, exercise, relaxation practices and pursuing hobbies you enjoy.

It also includes reviewing your finances, cleaning your home which impacts your emotional and mental well being. It includes what you eat and the water you drink. Your annual visits to your doctor and taking your medication as prescribed by your doctor. It is anything that you do that cares for your physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness. 

Why is it important?

 Motherhood takes dedication and your dedication to motherhood is admirable. However, you can’t give in the capacity that you desire if your tank is empty. Focusing so much on everyone and everything on a daily basis and completely abandoning yourself is a recipe for disaster.

Excessive exhaustion can have serious repercussions on both your physical and mental health, so it’s important to make time for your personal care. Taking care of yourself helps you stay energized, focused, and motivated to take care of those around you. Don’t forget to prioritize yourself too!

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What are the 5 Benefits of self-care?

  • Indulging yourself in self-care activities will increase your motivation, when your mind will take a break from the monotonous everyday tasks you will be readily prepared to do the things without feeling exhausted.
  • When you will worth your existence and treat yourself with care, it will not only boost your confidence but it will also inculcate healthier habits in you. 
  • Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being will help you maintain balance in your life and reduce stress levels. Ultimately, self-care can be the difference between feeling overwhelmed and contentment. 
  • Taking care of yourself will not only benefit your mental and physical health but it will also be beneficial for others. When you will be internally happy and contended you will give your best to the loved ones too. Your positive vibes will make the whole environment of your house colorful. 
  • Self-care will help you focus better. The more you will nurture your inner self with the things you enjoy your mind will forget about anxiety and stress around you rather you will be able to focus on things with a free mind
  • Self-care is an essential component for a healthy lifestyle, and that goes double for a mom. By taking the time to indulge in activities that you enjoys and nurture the inner self, you can reduce stress and anxiety levels, allowing yourself to focus better on whatever tasks come your way. Whether it’s going for a jog, singing, reading, painting, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, caring for oneself can be hugely beneficial not only mentally but physically too as it gives the strength to tackle anything life throws at you!

Challenges that Moms Face

Before you became a mom, you were simply a woman. A uniquely made woman with gifts, talents, and abilities to nurture while growing into your purpose. However, in order to see and know your gifts, you have needs. Mental, emotional, physical, social, environmental, and financial needs. But, when you entered into the most beautiful and life-changing season of becoming a mom, you gained immeasurable love to give to this little person called your child.

Unfortunately with that gain, many women, maybe even you unconsciously lose something in the process. You lose yourself in this beautiful experience that is incomparable to any other experience you will ever have. You lose focus of your needs that still remain because, at your core, you are a woman first.

You will struggle to be the mom that you want to be and the mom that your kids deserve if you don’t begin to make your own needs a priority. You will only offer half of you because the other half is missing. Taken over by stress, anxiety, frustration, and sometimes even anger. It doesn’t have to be this way. A easy and simple fix… make time for yourself.

Bringing a life into the world is certainly one of the most amazing gifts for any mother, yet it is often accompanied by challenges that can take their toll. Moms may grapple with lack of sleep, health issues such as depression and anxiety, exhaustion and even bouts of anger due to having to fulfill numerous duties without taking time off. These tasks might provoke crankiness, making them feel overwhelmed. They have trouble balancing their life and the daily tasks, sometimes even forgetting about their meals. 

And stress takes over this battle leaving the mothers with chaos in their minds. Then the occupied minds ceases their ability to care about themselves which ultimately effects their health. 

Important things in self-care

More or less your self-care revolves around your physical health as it is the most basic thing to consider as important. If a person won’t be physically fit that will ultimately affect rest of the things. 

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Types of self-care

Self-care can be of any type, but the most important thing is to put in your own efforts towards it.   Whether it be physical self-care, mental self-care, social self-care etc. Each type requires some input. Physical self-care

Is taking care of your body which can be achieved through many ways like jogging, yoga, exercising, eating healthy etc.Mental self-care

This type of self-care requires taking breaks from the monotonous routine; either you can go for a walk to relax your mind, listen to the music of your choice or just sit in a quiet place, it varies from person to person.Social self-care 

Moms usually forget about their social circles after having a baby which is certainly not right. As it is said that ‘man is a social animal’ so it is crucial for every being to take out some time out of the whole day and socialize, it can either be in the form of a face to face meet up or chatting on social media can also do the job.

How to start implementing?

Being a mom it is imaginable how difficult it would be to gather energy and time out of your busy schedule and practice the little things that help you in feel better, but it is far from impossible. By taking small steps such as carving out moments of mindfulness each day, setting realistic goals and maintaining healthy habits, you can prioritize your own needs and create a balance between motherhood and yourself.

Although, it can be difficult to carve out some ‘me-time’ from your hectic schedule, but self-care is key for feeling relaxed and empowered. Practicing self-care techniques such as taking long walks in nature or indulging in a relaxing bubble bath are small yet effective ways to give yourself the love and attention you deserve. 

Additionally, don’t forget to make time for activities that bring joy into your life, like playing music, reading books, painting, gardening and more.

Plan out your to do list for the day and don’t try to overachieve.

Take a break! 

Don’t compare yourself with the perfect moms, you’re already doing enough!

Understand that you cannot take care of everything. Few things are the way they are!

Don’t forget to eat your comfort meal during anytime of the day.

And my dear mommies, don’t be ashamed to ask for help if you need it.

Talk about the problems you are facing with a person you think will help you find a solution.

It may seem difficult to prioritize yourself as you do the ones you love. However, your self care is important. You need care too, not just for yourself but also for those around you, since it is ultimately on your shoulders that the whole household stands strong. You can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s time you fill her up because you are important too.

Want to know easy and realistic ideas to try for your self care? Check out “How To”  Self Care As A Mom: Small Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms Who Want to Begin and Feel Amazing Again.

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is self care important
is self care important

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