Best Journaling Prompts for Beginners: Start Your Mommy Makeover for Transformative and Life Changing Results through Journal Writing for Self Care

Journaling Prompts for Beginners: Your New Mommy Makeover for Transformative and Life Changing Results through Journal Writing 

This post is all about journaling prompts for self discovery that you can use to help get you started with journaling today. You will find thought provoking journaling prompts for topics including self discovery, living your best lifeself lovehow to establish a routine, and more. This post will also explore what is journaling, the benefits of journaling, help you understand how to start journaling as well as how you can journal daily. You will also find helpful tips for journaling as a beginner. 

   Table of Contents

What is Journaling?

Journaling for Beginners

Why You Should Journal

Benefits of Journaling

How to Start Journaling

How to Journal Daily

Good Work Environments for Journaling

Thought Provoking Journal Prompts for Beginners

” Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life- changing but life-expanding.”

-Jen Williamson

Have you ever felt like you were doing so much, but even still you weren’t doing enough? Particularly with your kids. You wake up every morning at 5 a.m. trying to get the kids up and ready for school. You are trying to cook breakfast and prepare lunches for the kids. Oh, wait you took your eyes off the eggs too long and now they are burned and so inedible that not even Mikey will eat them. Your son is unfocused, running around the house, and still not even dressed. Your daughter is too independent and wants to brush her teeth all by herself. Now she has toothpaste all over her shirt. In this moment you wish you could just say forget it, but you know you can’t because you have to go to work. 

Do not feel like you are alone. I have been there before. I went to work that day and ended up having a huge crying spell at work in front of 20 second graders because of all my built up frustrations, even well before that day…  I had been choosing to keep ignoring them. That day, I knew I had to do something different because this can’t happen again. You have to be so many things to so many different people. You have to  figure out how to solve everyone’s problems, but yet, you can’t seem to solve your own problem. 

Woman sitting on couch holding coffe mug and writing in her journal
Journal writing for moms as a form of stress relief

What problem is that? 

How to make time for yourself daily so you can figure out what will really makes you happy. I know right now it feels like there’s no way, no time, and too much to juggle to even think this, but you owe it to yourself to be happy, calm, and fulfilled. 

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When you are a busy mom, the “how to” is always the hardest part, but one very easy and simple way to get some “me time” in daily. Haven’t you heard? Journaling is the go-to stress and anxiety buster! 

What is Journaling?

Journaling is a way to release your thoughts, ideas, feelings, reactions, and emotions at any given time by simply putting those words on paper. It allows you to express your innermost thoughts without the fear of judgment. 

Journaling can even be thought of as a way to bridge what you are experiencing in your mind, body, and soul and comfortably allows you to expose it, acknowledge it, and even release it. 

 When you journal, you are allowing your heart to speak the words that your mind doesn’t always want or allow you to say. It is a tool that’s absolutely necessary for your complete emotional, physical and mental wellness. 

Journaling is a solution for your problems. It is the self care that you often neglect as a mom, but the self care that you are desperately yearning for without even realizing it. 

When you write, you allow your needs for emotional and mental wellness to be addressed. It will help you create beautiful connections with yourself through the process of daily journaling.

 It is designed to help you write, reflect, and explore your life journey in a safe space. 

 You are able to be honest and authentic while documenting your experiences in a loving, non-judgmental way.

 It will help you discover who you are and how that relates to those around you. Journaling ultimately will help you realize how special you truly are while focusing on your most inner needs at a given moment. Here are some journaling prompts for beginners to help you reflect on living your best life.

Journaling Prompts for Beginners that are Thought Provoking and will Help Get You Started Today

Journal Prompts for Living Your Best Life Topics:

What is something you want to work toward?

Name someone else you want to get to know better.

What is one great way to show kindness to others?

What’s something new you want to try?

Why do you want to improve your life?

What does my ideal day look like? 

What are the 10 things I can do this week to improve my emotional and physical health?

Journaling for Beginners

Journaling is a great way to clarify, crystallize and validate your thoughts. It can help you become more aware of what’s going on in your mind — both positive and negative — and can even change your life for the better. 

You can use journaling as a therapeutic tool to help you manage your physical, mental and emotional well-being. If you struggle with sleeping at night or feeling stressed, you can journal write at night before bed. It can help with better sleep, stress relief, and overall health and wellness. You can also use journaling as a way of keeping track of your goals and progress toward achieving them; it’s an excellent activity for that!

There is no special time, place, or strategy  for journaling. You can start journaling today! Set aside a block of time each day so that you can write in your journal without distractions.

This does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Start by writing about your day and what really happened. If you get stuck, use these journal prompts below  to help you get on track. 

Journaling Prompts for Beginners that are Thought Provoking and will Help Get You Started Today:

Journal Prompts for Self Discovery Topics:

What’s keeping you from living your dream life?What makes you feel powerful?What makes you feel powerless?Name someone else who inspires you? What makes you different from them?What belief are you holding onto that is holding you back? What is stressing you out right now?What things do you need to let go of?

You might struggle with beginning to journal because you are fearful. You may be fearful that you aren’t doing it the right way or that you don’t know how to journal. Well, I have the best news for you right now! There really is not right or wrong way to journal! You journal according to your own boundaries and limitations. Since this is a personal activity, you really shouldn’t have any boundaries or limitations. Just let it flow. One of the best ways that you can let it flow is through by reflecting on one or more of the following prompts below. Check out these  journaling prompts for beginners that are thought provoking and will encourage self love and acceptance.

Positive Affirmations and Self Love:

What makes you feel alive? Affirmation: I choose to feel alive and surround myself with positivity. 

What would your closest friends and family say is your best quality? Affirmation: I have many wonderful qualities that make me a unique and totally awesome person no matter what I face.

What do you like most about yourself? Affirmation:  I am wonderfully created and beautifully made inside and out. 

What is your favorite quote, word, or phrase? Affirmation: I will find beauty in everything around me. 

Write down how you’re feeling right now. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Write down what you’re feeling now. Affirmation: I choose to grow a positive mindset so I can live my full potential.

Who inspires me? Affirmation: I am inspired by others and I am a source of inspiration to those around me.

What are 10 things that make me happy?  Affirmation: I have a choice and I choose Joy. 

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Why You Should Journal

Journaling is a powerful way to help you discover and share your thoughts, feelings and experiences. By recording your inner thoughts, worries, dreams and desires in a journal, you can deepen your self-awareness. 

You can use this practice to process experiences that have already happened or to explore something that’s bothering you now. Journal writing encourages self care and helps us process difficult emotions or situations.

Begin writing down what’s going on in your life, from the mundane to the monumental, from the big picture to the smallest detail.

 It enables you to think about and understand the events you experience, which leads to a healthy and whole view of yourself. It empowers you to work through your problems, can bring healing to those old wounds,  and help you navigate to find the way forward. It can be used to help you manifest dreams and make them a reality as well as very beneficial for the single mom, divorced mom, working mom, stay at home mom… any kind of mom. Anyone can do it because there is no right or wrong way. It is all about making it unique to you.  Do it in a way that works for you so that you get something out of it. And, try to do it consistently. Check out these journaling prompts for beginners that are also thought provoking and will help get you started today.

Journal Prompts for Establishing Routines

List three things that you want to add to your daily routine. 

List three things that you want to eliminate from your daily routine.

What is your ideal day?

What is something you can do every day to stay focused on achieving your goals?

Pick one daily self-discovery practice you want to try

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is an extremely effective activity that can help you quiet your mind, find clarity and focus, improve mental health, get motivated about goals and dreams, reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and much more.

Here are the Benefits of Journaling

It provides proof of your progress and helps you to see that you actually are doing better that what you sometimes will allow yourself to think. It gives you a place and opportunity to express your gratitude. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or stress journaling can be an effective way to let go of negativity  and build a positive mindset. You can discover more about yourself and avoid getting stuck in negative thought patterns that keep you feeling trapped. Writing in your journal makes a huge difference in how you feel at the start of your day and at the end of your day. It gives you time to reflect- Reflection is a must when you are a mom.  It can improve your mental healthEncourages self confidence. Helps you achieve goals because you changed it from a thought to a “to do” which makes it more attainable. It can help you declutter your mind which can help you think more clearly. Because Oprah Winfrey did it! She says that is what she credits to her success.

How to Start Journaling

Many people journal for different reasons. You may decide to journal for fun, journal for self discovery to find out what you really want out of life, even for healing and therapeutic purposes, as well as setting goals for yourself. 

To start journaling your goals, you could try setting aside a specific time each day to write down your goals and reflect on your progress towards achieving them. You might also try using prompts or keywords to help guide your writing, such as “Today I will accomplish _____” or “What steps can I take to achieve _____?

Here are 4 Steps You Can Take Today to Start Journaling

  • Identify your “why” for journaling. Are you deciding to begin journal writing for memory keeping to keep your treasured memories safe? Maybe you want to engage in creative journaling to doodle and put whatever thoughts or ideas you have at any time onto paper. Maybe you’d like adding stickers,photos, quotes, and bright colors. You may even say you want to start journaling so you can have a way to learn about yourself and do some soul searching to figure out where you are headed in life, what you want, what you need. Or, you may simply want to do reflective journaling to support your mental health goals.
  • Set a Journaling Schedule. You can just want to journal every now and then or you may want to journal more regularly. Whatever you decide, be sure that you consider your “why” for journaling so that you can get the most of the experience. 

Get a Journal or Use a Journal Template to Create Your Own. You can purchase a journal or use a journaling template that fits your needs based on your “why” for journaling. Creative journaling will require a thicker quality paper while reflective journaling will not. You can download my free daily journaling template to get you started

Get your supplies. You may need additional supplies such as washi tape, stickers, pens, colored pencils, etc. However, don’t get too caught up in preparing to journal and forget to do the most important part, simply journaling. 

Start Writing!

There really isn’t a right or wrong way to journal. You do what feels good and feels right for you. After all, this is a process designed to help you in whatever journaling goals that you have. If you just simply start writing, even if it’s just on a sheet of notebook paper, copy paper, or on the back of a random flyer that came through the mail, it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the experience and make it YOURS.

How to Journal Daily

Once you decide that you want to start journaling as well as make a decision regarding the type of journaling that you plan to do (creative, reflective, etc.), then the next step is to decide how consistent you plan to be with your journaling. Here are a few tips to help you create a journaling routine.

Tip#1 Try to write daily. You will have better results and will be able to track and follow your progress over time much better than you would if you decide to journal whenever you have time.

Tip#2 Create a daily self care schedule for yourself. (Click here to download my free self care schedule). If you block out the time for journaling each day, you will eventually develop the habit to journal at this time everyday. Consider your schedule for work. You know exactly what days and times you have to report to work. You most likely even know what you will be doing at different parts of the day. You know this because it has become a routine for you. You will need to view your self care journaling time in the same way in order to make this a routine as well.

Tip#3 Make it easy and convenient for yourself. Keep your journaling supplies within reach so that when you begin your journaling for the day, you are not looking for your journal or even a pen. This may set you up to decide against journaling on a given day. So, be prepared and aim to keep your journaling supplies in the same place each time so you can easily find everything you need. 

Tip #4 Write or draw whatever feels right to you. This is your private time to spend expressing whatever is in your heart or mind. No need to worry about how to say it or even what to say. Just write what comes to mind. 

Tip#5 Use your journal as you see fit. It doesn’t have to be shared with anyone. So, be free to be you!

Whenever you choose to start journaling, focus on your needs for the day. You may need only 5 minutes of journaling time and the next day you may need 30 minutes. Your emotions, feelings, and experiences change from day to day. This is one of the biggest reasons time blocking is so important. If you do so, you will be able to stick to your journaling goals and your emotional wellness will benefit from doing so. Check out these 7 journaling prompts for beginners that are also thought provoking and will help get you started today.

Journal Prompts for Setting Personal Growth Goals:

-List 10 things you want to accomplish this month. 

-Describe who you want to be in 10 years. 

-What is one goal you set that you did not achieve? Why? 

-What is something you’ve always wanted to do? What is your dream business, job, or hobby?

Good Work Environments for Journaling

So, where do you write? Do you prefer to work in calm, peaceful, and silent places such as a nature park or library?  Do you prefer a secluded corner of your home with your potted plants, essential oils, and lava lamp? Maybe you like the steady environmental sounds and interactions of people buzzing around in a coffee shop or bookstore in order to get the writerly juices flowing. Everyone’s journaling style is different and as well as their environmental preferences for journaling. Find the location or place that best suits your needs and personality, but also consider your availability to get to these locations for developing your consistent journaling habit.

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Here are a few tips for choosing the best work environment for your journaling time. 

-Volume: Sounds in your environment should be at a comfortable level for you and should help you focus, not get distracted.

-Distractions/Interruptions: Choose a writing environment with minimal temptations that can lead to distraction. You need to be able to concentrate. For example, if you know you love shopping, choosing to journal at the local coffee shop that is across the street from the strip mall probably won’t  be the best work environment for you. Remember your journaling goals when you choose your environment.

Comfort: Your chair, table, and the temperature all need to be comfy enough to let you focus on your writing, but not so comfy that you have found the perfect place to nap… you got me?

Availability: Your chosen place should be open during the hours you’ll likely be writing.

Accessibility: Choose a place that is easy and quick to get to. If you have to drive across town every time you want to write, you probably won’t do it as often. 

The more comfortable your chosen writing place is, the more you’ll write and you will want to do it regularly too. Try out different locations and see what works best for you. Make it fun! 

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 Journaling can be a way for you to confess your struggles and fears and you can do it freely without anyone looking at you with their glasses tilted halfway off their face because of what you decided to write.  You don’t have to share it, there is no judgement, and not worries on your part for whether you are doing it right. Its a judgment free zone boo, so do you! It will feel good to get all of those thoughts and feelings out of your head and down on paper. It’s an excellent way to focus on your emotional self care and emotional wellness. There are tons of topics that you can choose from from the serious soul search to the playful what I can’t believe what I said to so and so today. The world may actually seem a bit clearer! You can start today without hesitation. With these journaling prompts for beginners, you will be writing like a pro in no time! You’ve got this journaling thing. You better go get your journaling on girl!

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