Busy Mom’s “How To” Mommy Makeover: Knock Out Stress With This One Secret And Start Relaxing Today (2023)

This post is all about how busy working moms and online content creators give themselves the ultimate mommy makeover for mind, body, and soul. Start relieving your stress in the process while pursuing your dreams. Uncover how you can practice self care to improve your physical, emotional, and mental wellness and minimize your stress.

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Want a Mommy Makeover?
Becoming: Make Yourself Happy
The  Secrecy 
Schedule Personal Time for Your Health
10 Mommy Makeover Tips and Activities for Relieving Stress and Practicing More Self Care That You Can Start Today

“ Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” 

-Maya Angelou

Want a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is the best remedy for feeling better and reducing stress.

Now, I am not talking about going out to get plastic surgery. Making that kind of decision has pros and cons which have to heavily be considered before jumping in. Not to even mention the cost of having a mommy makeover surgery and recovery.

What if you could still achieve those same results of a mommy makeover? What if you could feel more confident, look and feel beautiful, and be less stressed at the end of every day? Well, you can!  Find out how you can do just this by Becoming: Your Own Mistress.

Becoming: Your Own Mistress

Alright, I know “Becoming: Your Own Mistress” is an interesting choice of words. However, stick with me. I promise this isn’t click bait.

Usually, when you hear about a mistress, it follows with… let’s just say it’s not a pretty aftermath. The mistress is usually associated with the woman that is doing more of something that is considered more “desirable” or attractive.

The mistress may seem happier and smile frequently or produce what is perceived as “positive vibes.” The  mistress may dress or wear her hair in a manner that reveals more outward beauty.

This “mistress” may even simply have a presence that feels calming, relaxing, warm, inviting, and confident. They are a well kept secret… until She finds out!

Now in the circumstance of infidelity in a relationship, the word mistress does not have a positive connection or representation associated with the name.

However, I want you to consider only of the word mistress and the characteristics previously mentioned. 

The Secrecy 

Consider those characteristics and imagine your self care in this way. Self care is often not recognized as something important or even worth talking about. Some women, especially moms, don’t even think you need it.

You may have convinced yourself to believe that there aren’t enough hours in the day to focus on the things your family needs and you too.

However, the woman that believes in the power of self care (and it truly is powerful), knows that her self care is the equivalent of taking care of her family; it goes hand in hand without separation.

Right now, your self care efforts are not consistent.  When you finally have had enough and need a moment, you do things like run to the bathroom for a couple of minutes just to be in quiet for a second.

Or go to McDonalds for a burger or Chick Fil A if you’re really feeling fancy and eat it in the car so no one asks for any.

In those moments, you are in need of some serious emotional and mental self care.

The more you ignore making time for your emotional care, and really any type of self care including: physical self care, mental self care, social self care, financial self care, environmental self care, spiritual self care, in addition to your emotional self care, you will be headed toward extreme burnout.

You will continue to be on a road of burnout, stress, anxiousness, and irritability. Doing all of this without change overtime has the potential to possibly lead to more serious issues like depression.

Don’t gasp for air and hold your imaginary pearls that you aren’t really wearing. You ain’t got time to dress up, right? You can change all of this today!

How can you change this pattern, this behavior so that you feel less tired, less stressed, less anxious, and set yourself up for positivity, a calmer mental space, and a more relaxed body? What is the secret to doing this?

It’s super simple and you actually have already been doing parts of this. The secret is… planned and intentional daily selfcare.

Self care is necessary if you desire sustainable and transformative change that include all of you: your mind, your body, and your soul.

So, your secrecy of the little self care you are getting has been like your mistress. It’s sometimes that secret thing you try to squeeze in. You have allowed yourself to believe that you don’t have time.  This has to be a secret because you are a busy mom who desires to try and have some time to herself.

You’ve actually unconsciously made the first step. You have acknowledged that you need something different so you can be the absolute best version of yourself and feel better.

I say to you  mama, your self care doesn’t have to be a secret. You don’t have to live in a reality where you are subconsciously  living the words of an old school girls singing group I used to listen to back in the day when I was growing up called Escape, “ You’re My Little Secret and That’s How We Should Keep It”.

Self care isn’t and doesn’t have to be a secret. Yell it from the rooftop and mountain top and make you a priority!

Well, maybe not the rooftop. Then you might actually  really have to get some serious physical self care… from a hospital for trying to get on the rooftop! No one wants or needs that, now.

But, you get what I’m saying here. It’s simply that you have to to something different if you want something different. Insanity is continuing to do the same thing, over, and over, and over again and expecting a different result. 

Let me tell you, that ain’t happening unless you do something different.

Scheduling Personal Time for Your Health

Making time for your personal care can give you the physical, mental, and emotional boost you need to get back to your old self again… Maybe even better than you were before! 

Begin focusing your time and energy into doing things that make you feel good and look good.

Try laughing more!

Simple changes can lead to huge results when it comes to relieving stress. Be intentional about making time for your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, personal, and financial self-care.

Do things that make you smile. Enjoy a personal lunch date. Dress up in your favorite outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Compliment yourself and most importantly, give yourself the grace you deserve as you continue on your journey of womanhood and motherhood.

You are amazing, you are beautiful, and any imperfections that you feel that you may have, embrace them!

Choosing to embrace imperfections and letting others see the less than perfect parts of you, allows you to connect more deeply—to love others and be loved fully. 

10 Mommy Makeover Tips and Activities for Relieving Stress and Practicing More Self Care That You Can Start Today

  1. Make your favorite meal or buy your favorite meal.
  2. Engage in deep breathing exercises to relax
  3. Listen to your favorite song
  4. Take yourself on a lunch date
  5. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier so you can wake up happy and feeling refreshed
  6. Dress up in your favorite outfit
  7. Give yourself a compliment
  8. Journal and write down 3 things that make you smile 
  9. Write a love letter to yourself about what your love about you. Think of things that have nothing to do with you as a parent
  10. Read inspirational messages and quotes that you resonate with and make you feel good.

This post was all about moms getting a mommy makeover for their mind, body, and soul by relieving stress and practicing intentional daily self care to improve your physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

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is self care important
is self care important

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