Inspiration & Mindset: You Need To Pivot and Adjust Your Mindset

Pivot has two different meanings. The first being the action of turning around a point. The second being the person or thing that is central or important to someone or something else.

The woman that learns to pivot can take on life second by second, minute by minute, and hour by hour.

You pivot to change your perspective, attitude, dreams, ideas and live in your gift; Your gift which is a part of your destiny and purpose.

You move as you need to move as life happens and as opportunities happen. You spend more time living in the moment than working to see what you can’t see and change what you can’t change.

When you learn to pivot, you are able to dream!

You know that in life it’s always better to dream, attempt, fall, and try again than it is to dream, discredit your dreams, never attempt, and fail because you never tried.

You understand that challenges are inevitable. However, you value the challenges because challenges or hardships don’t equate to a failure or even a wrong move/bad decision.

It does equate to a lesson that you had to learn so that you know how to progress forward with the blessings that God has for you and wants to give to you.

You are not meant to be in a box, just to be average, or content with just being content.

You want more? 

You must learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Challenge yourself and push past your levels of comfort.

Learning how to turn at a given time without notice and still be central to someone else doesn’t require talent, education, or even experience.

What does it require?

It requires that you be connected to the most high source. The one who created you, knows you inside and out, knows all the pitfalls you will face before they happen, and all the final results of the experiment before it’s completed.

Life is filled with highs and lows, but it is all about perspective and God provides the perspective! Make the choice today to live the sweet life no matter what comes your way!

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is self care important
is self care important

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