Factors for Motivation: Mindset Over Matter

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Factors for Motivation: Mindset over Matter

” You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather. “

Life has many uncertainties and many things that occur that are far beyond our control. It is our lack of control that oftentimes becomes the biggest setback versus the actual event that happened in the first place.

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quotes for self care
quotes for self care

Learn to accept that you are like the sky; strong, limitless, beautiful, creative, and wondrous. You will be able to move through life having less anxiety and frustration about what will and can happen.

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You will worry less about the things that you can’t control because they are just like the weather; a temporary season or moment in time that ultimately will never be able to change the stability or composition of the sky.

Download available at smomslife.com

Stay grounded in who you are at your core despite the changes in the weather- things, and people around you.

download available at smomslife.com

Remember that you are capable, you are strong, and you can make it. Surround yourself with positivity and create a positive mindset. You can do this.

It’s just mindset over matter!


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