I’m Going Out on a Limb So I Can Start My Dream, Plan It, and Get it Done without Excuses… But Now What?

It’s easy to wake up and say, today I want to start something new. I want to do something different. It takes more than an thought to turn a dream into reality. Faith without works is dead. So, what are your dreaming about? What are you working on? Get the advice you need, but no one may be telling you when you decided to go after your dreams and start something new. You’ve Got This!

I have an idea of something I want to do, but I am afraid to try

Here’s Your Smom’s Lifesyle Advice:

Have you ever thought about starting something new? Maybe you decided you wanted to work on strengthening a talent or special skill. Or maybe you are interested in dabbling into a little of this work from home life and build a profitable blog business. You’re trying to figure out, how you too can fit in this lane of becoming a business mama or as some say, “Mompreneur.”

Trying new things can be scary. You don’t know whether you may succeed or fail, whether you will win or lose, make money or lose money. However, if you never make the attempt, there is one thing you can be certain of.

What is that?

You will always wonder- What would my life have been like if I went after it?

Why is it so hard to try new things, especially if it is related to a goal I have for myself?

Here’s Your Smom’s Lifesyle Advice:

Going after the unknown can make you feel doubtful and unconfident. However, you are the captain; you have the ability to be courageous, fierce, and simply unstoppable! Don’t allow fear to be stronger than your ability to put one foot forward. Yes, that is all it takes one foot forward in order to be in motion. So, go out and begin by taking that first step toward that new journey. Focus on what matters in the process which is simply starting. Remember this, don’t be afraid to go after what you want because you will never be able to grab the fruit if you don’t.

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Ok, I’ve taken the first step, now what?

Here’s Your Smom’s Lifesyle Advice:

So first of all, how about celebrating your first major milestone. You overcame procrastination, fear, and uncertainty just to name a few! We celebrate every small win here! These are all things that can cripple some women and prevent them from even moving any further. Let’s start with a hi five, pat on the back, and congratulations to you for taking the first step! You made the decision to take time and make the time for you and do something that is of interest to you by investing in yourself. 

I talked to some friends and family about my idea. They think I am crazy! But, I really want to give this a try

Here’s Your Smom’s Lifesyle Advice:

First, good for you for not getting discouraged even though you didn’t get the support you were looking for. Too many times, people stop at that step. I’ve always felt as though, it’s always worth trying because then you will at least know what the outcome could be versus having ideas, remaining afraid and never finding out what the outcome could have been. Also, not everyone will understand this new path that you are on. Sometimes, you will have to be your own cheerleader and sometimes, you need to just give yourself time to sit with the idea before you are ready to share it. Surround yourself with like minded people and grow your support circle. I believe if you are willing to put in the work, the time, a sometimes even a little money, your dreams have the potential to become reality.

So, now that’s out of the way…what’s next? Let’s just go all in and start this new idea, hobby, skill, business TODAY!

Here’s Your Smom’s Lifesyle Advice:

Sometimes, when people get a new idea they are so thrilled about it that they decide to get right to work, but  jump in head first! That sounds like the right thing to do, right? I mean, in order to get something done you need to have a little momentum. Being stagnant never produces results and you know that simply staring at an unplanted seed will never do anything to help it produce fruit. 

However, let me tell you, that jumping in head first is the WRONG approach! I have done it, lost lots of money and time just because I was so excited to get started, get moving, and make a few bucks on the side. Your very first plan of action isn’t to run out to the store or run to your phone or laptop to spend money on this new endeavor. Your first plan of action is just that…PLAN.

Okay, so what does this “plan” look like when I am on a time clock? Give it to me simple…

Here’s Your Smom’s Lifesyle Advice:

When you have an idea, you can’t jump right in and lose your focus from the start. It is important to put a plan together. If you have a vision or dream that you are interested in working toward, here are some steps to consider to help get you moving.

  1. See the vision as one that can be attainable.
  2. Devise a short term goal and long term goal so that you stay focused
  3. Create a start day, a task to complete, and begin building a plan
  4. BEGIN– Don’t get too caught up in the planning process and never begin.

The most important part is to start, even when you feel like you don’t know how. Being stagnant leads to standing at the start line. Nobody wants that. Believe in yourself, believe in your ability to do this, be consistent with you new endeavor, have the mindset to be flexible and be able to pivot as you analyze and move forward, but most importantly… Remember to just start.

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