Mindset Is Everything When You Need a Piece of Peace

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It’s Monday morning and you think to yourself, “ I am in a pretty good space for a Monday, ”right? I mean you did start the day with a prayer, and a grateful spirit. However, as you are moving through the morning, you then say to yourself, “Okay, now I just need a little coffee”. Your good vibes are starting to feel a little sluggish and restless.

“I can wake it back up with a little caffeine. Yep, caffeine will do the trick!” Now, you have only been at work for five minutes, but mentally, you’re already feeling like you’ve worked half the work shift and you still have to get through the rest of the work day! Now, you started your morning on the right foot, but your emotions and energy quickly went south like the birds migrating for the winter!

We can try to make our very best effort to “feel good,” but sometimes, that just isn’t enough. So, what do you do? What gives?
We have to pour into ourselves and not go through life as if we have a Duracell battery that just keeps going. Even batteries have to be replaced after a while.

Find out what makes you happy and then actually do it! You love our kids and we love our family. You show them that everyday through the sacrifices that you constantly make for their well-being; financially, emotionally, and mentally.

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However, what about YOU? If you continue to pour into everything and everyone, without including yourself in the line up, you will start to develop feelings of anger, frustration, and potentially resentment.

Is it really possible to love your family, balance work demands, and still have the time, energy, and the commitment necessary that will feed into yourself?

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Is it possible to genuinely wake up with a grateful spirit, have a heart of love, joy, peace, AND a mind filled with endless opportunities and dreams that you want and CAN pursue? I say to you with an unwavering… YES, it is!

Is it always easy to do? I say to you with an unwavering… NO, it is not, but it happens with a decision; a commitment to yourself. You owe it to yourself. You deserve to live a life that is full of joy and inner peace. That peace can’t come from anyone else. You are the gatekeeper. It is all based on your actions and your choices.

You have to remember to choose selfcare as well. You can’t help or be the foundation of support for anyone, not even your babies no matter how hard you try without pouring into you first. You have to invest in YOU so that your piece of peace will follow you.

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