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What’s A SMOM?

Smom’s Lifestyle (2019) -originally ArtistiKIDly Me As I Am in 201, was created to to help women, just like you …color every thought, every vision, every goal, every dream that you have, beautifully.

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Self care eBook

What does that mean? It just simply means to surround yourself with words of positivity.

Download self care vision board & wall art printables
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I want you to know your value, your worth, and how beautiful you are inside and out. I want you to know that you are deserving of living a life that makes you happy. You deserve to nurture, pampered, and cared for. You deserve to live out your dreams and your heart’s deepest desires!

As a Strong Mama on a Mission (Smom), I want to fill your cup with words of positivity, even if you don’t hear it anywhere else or even sometimes believe it yourself.

quotes for self care
quotes for self care

I want you to know that you are amazing, simply unstoppable, and capable of doing amazing things.😘

You are a STRONG MAMA ON A MISSION. You are in a position to teach, lead, and inspire someone else whether you believe it or not. That makes you a smom. That makes you a blessed, gifted, and selfless SMOM.

Ultimate Goal of Smom’s Lifestyle

My ultimate goal for Smom’s Lifestyle as a Self Care Advocate & Career Transition Coach, is to add VALUE in your life, not take away from it. Expect to be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired on your journey in life with Smom’s Lifestyle through the content that I create.

For me, it’s about helping women from all walks of life see and find their purpose in life. I want to help you see and know your purpose and give you the tools and resources to DARE TO DREAM and go for it! Not just go through the day to day juggle and struggle of life.

Don’t get so caught up in doing all the things that you have to do, that you forget about YOU in the process.

You grow and you change as you get older.

The Desires of Your Heart

What you wanted last year, may be different from what you want this year. That is okay.

The seasons that you enter in your life will change the direction and course of your life as well and that is okay.

Be open to the growth and exploration that can happen. Be open and accepting of opportunities and the people that God aligns you with… at just the right time. You were birthed for greatness and a vision board is just a visual representation of what you see in your mind.

But a self care vision board doesn’t work without an action plan and most importantly, action. Thank you for welcoming me into your life with open arms to see where this next step, next phase, next season will take you.

sticky notes on wall

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It may feel uncomfortable to look at your life as simply “ what you want” without considering everyone else in your life at first. But, I implore you to give yourself permission to explore YOU.

Learn how simple acts of kindness toward yourself can change your life for the better. Click here to learn more.

To learn YOU. Even, reinvent YOU. Wherever your Smom’s Lifestyle road leads you, I am here cheering you on! I want you to truly understand the power you have and how you can use this power to create a life and a lifestyle that can be what you want. The door is open!

“You Grow Girl” Self Care Vision Board & Affirmations Wall Art Printable

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Until next time, color your thoughts, beautiful.


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